7 Replies to “Did we seek God or did God come looking for us?”

  1. Awesome, Lorna.
    The James Cantelon quote I used was:
    Without my looking for him, or asking for him—
    indeed, without any knowledge of my need of him—
    God came looking for me, asking for me…
    a five-year-old boy.

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  2. I really enjoyed Eddy’s contributions this morning. We looked at the three pictures and asked questions. ‘What if the glass wasn’t there?’ ‘I wonder whether he’ll go away again’. I love it that all ages can worship together here.

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  3. We looked at the parables of the lost sheep, lost coin and the Prodigal Son. These parables all appear in the same Chapter, which starts with the Pharisees and teachers of the law complaining of Jesus, ‘This man welcomes sinners and even eats with them.’
    Someone wrote that these three parables are a message for ‘both Pharisees and sinners’. It’s good to remember that whether we’re more like one or more like the other, we still need to switch direction often and change our hearts and lives.

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