3 Replies to “Sit and wait?”

  1. When we discussed Matthew 24 and Jesus talking of the ‘wise and loyal’ servant ‘doing his work’ when the master returns, Gill likened it to Ofsted, who, these days, arrive unannounced to inspect schools and preschools. They want to see what they are really like. Similarly it’s our attitude that needs to be right to be ‘ready’.

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    1. Sorry that you are unwell. We missed you!
      One discussion group wondered what they’d do if they knew Jesus was coming back soon (in the next year I think it was). The other group looked at Matthew 24 when the disciples ask what they think is one question, but Jesus answers it as two questions and it’s a bit unclear when he’s talking about the destruction of Jerusalem and when he’s talking about his coming again. Today we felt that there might not be any signs of his second coming (although it’s not clear here). Jesus likened it to a thief in the night, life carrying on as normal, had we known the thief was coming we’d have been ready.

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