Week 2: The Essential Jesus Challenge has taken off!

Week 2

The Bible calls Jesus the ‘Saviour’ of the world.  But that raises an obvious question:  Why do we need to be saved?  What problem could be so great that God Himself had to come to earth to solve it?


The need for a Saviour is the theme of the five Bible readings this week.


The readings are:

Genesis 3:1-24
Exodus 32:1 – 33:6
Psalm 14:1-7
Isaiah 59:1-21
Amos 5:1-27


Share what strikes you this week through this blog.  Just click on the Comments link to ‘reply’ to any post.

19 Replies to “Week 2: The Essential Jesus Challenge has taken off!”

    1. From the Essential Jesus book, ‘We tend to think sin is some obviously evil act, like murdering or stealing, and of course, that’s part of it. But the full picture is more subtle and dangerous. Note that the serpent doesn’t ask Eve to reject God. He simply questions God’s authority (Genesis 3:1) and contradicts God’s Word (3:4). Honest questions and even doubts can help us grow in our faith. But questioning God’s authority and living in contradiction to what He says in the Bible is a different matter. That is sin.’


    1. From Essential Jesus, ‘Today, it might seem enlightened to believe that sin ‘ain’t nobody’s business but my own’. But the problem is, it’s not true. Ultimately our sin is God’s business; it’s His commands that we violate (Exodus 32 v8) and His consequences we must pay (vv33, 34). Again, it highlights our need – our desperate need – for a saviour.’


    2. From Essential Jesus, ‘But even in the middle of this out-of-control situation we see a wonderful example of God’s plan for dealing with our sin problem. Moses volunteers to take the punishment the people deserved (Exodus 32 vv31, 32); he was willing to make what we call ‘atonement’ (satisfying the requirements to restore our relationship with God: v30) – exactly what Jesus did on the cross thousands of years later.’


    1. Psalm 14:2, 3, 4:
      The Lord looked down from heaven on all people
      to see if anyone understood,
      if anyone was looking to God for help.
      But all have turned away…
      They do not ask the Lord for help.


      1. When we discussed Isaiah 59 in our discussion group at Explore Emilie said it was necessary that you understood ‘sin’ in order to understand and appreciate your need for a saviour.


    1. From Essential Jesus Day 10, ‘As we’ve discovered in this passage, God has some pretty strong things to say to people who go through the motions of worship without acknowledging their sin. ‘I hate, I despise… I cannot stand… I will not accept… I will have no regard… I will not listen…’ (Amos 5:21-23).’


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