Week 5: Prophecies about a Saviour

We are four weeks into our twenty week challenge.

Whatever you think about prophecy, it’s important to understand that the Bible takes it very seriously and contains lots of it. There are hundreds of specific predictions in the Old Testament about the coming of a Messiah who would bring God’s salvation to Earth.  Jesus Christ perfectly fulfilled every one of them.

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25 Replies to “Week 5: Prophecies about a Saviour”

    1. Jeremiah 23 vv5,6: ‘“The days are coming,” says the Lord, “when I will raise up a good branch in David’s family. He will be a king who will rule in a wise way; He will do what is fair and right in the land. In His time Judah will be saved, and Israel will live in safety. This will be his name: The Lord Does What Is Right.”‘


    1. From Essential Jesus, ‘Even in these few verses we learn several important details about this coming Saviour, all of which were fulfilled by Jesus Christ.
      His origins, from a little town Bethlehem. It was such an unlikely place, and yet God orchestrated an incredible chain of events – a census of the Roman Empire, a journey by a pregnant woman and her fiancé, and a birth in a stable – to make it happen.
      His character, the shepherd imagery, strength and majesty based not on human ability but rather on ‘the power of the name of the Lord His God’ (Micah 5 v5).
      Micah was prophesying about none other than Jesus Christ who made peace (that is restored our relationship) with God by His death on the Cross.’


  1. Micah 5 v2: “But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are too small to be among the army groups from Judah, from you will come one who will rule Israel for me. He comes from very old times, from days long ago.”


    1. Zechariah 9:9: ‘Rejoice greatly, people of Jerusalem!
      Shout for joy, people of Jerusalem!
      Your king is coming to you.
      He does what is right, and he saves.
      He is gentle and riding on a donkey,
      on the colt of a donkey.’


    2. From Essential Jesus, The King Zechariah described would be humble (Zechariah 9 v9), establish peace throughout the world (v 10). He would bring in a new kind of freedom, one based on ‘the blood of my covenant with you’ (v 11).


      1. From Essential Jesus, ‘That’s true for us today; the ultimate source of our safety and success is not our own strength and abilities. Rather it is God’s work on our behalf, which is why praise is so appropriate and pride so outrageous.’


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