Week 7: The birth of Jesus

God had given many clues that he was going to send a Saviour to the world, previews, trailers, types, prophecies;  we’ve been studying them.

The good news was that the time had finally come.  No more previews, it was time for the main event.  God entered the world in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ.christmas manger

Explore this week was led by James Meeke, teacher and Chaplin at Exeter Cathedral School.

26 Replies to “Week 7: The birth of Jesus”

    1. From Essential Jesus, Mary is confident in her relationship with God (Luke 1 v38), not proud, not falsely modest.
      She is willing to live by faith (vv 38, 45).
      She has a heart for God (vv 46-55).


      1. From Essential Jesus, Having looked at Mary’s character, what qualities would you say most suited her to be the mother of Jesus? Do you find any of these qualities in your own life?


    1. From Essential Jesus, I’m convinced that the most overlooked characters in this passage are the shepherds, and yet they seemed to come to the deepest understanding of what was really happening.


      1. From Essential Jesus, Low down on the economic totem pole of their day, shepherds weren’t the kind of people you’d expect God to speak to.


    2. From Essential Jesus, God knew that the events surrounding the birth of Jesus would seem unbelievable to Joseph, Mary and maybe even to us. So He confirms what He is doing through the prophecies of Simeon and Anna (Luke 2 vv25-38).


    3. From Essential Jesus, The shepherds weren’t too busy to investigate the claims about Jesus (Luke 2 vv15, 16). They didn’t consider the truth about Jesus a ‘private thing’. Instead, they immediately began telling others what they had discovered (v17) and were unashamed to worship God enthusiastically (v20). These are the marks of Jesus’ true followers.


    1. From Essential Jesus, “In Matthew 2:1-23, the Magi, or Wise Men, embarked on an honest search for Jesus. They asked good questions, followed the evidence and remained open to the possibility that Jesus was the Messiah. In the end they found Him. Herod, on the other hand was already biased against Jesus, and his search for Him was unsuccessful.”


    2. After we’ve studied so many prophecies from the Old Testament, I really notice them coming up this week in the New Testament. In today’s reading: The prophet wrote about this in the Scriptures (v4)… This happened to bring about what the Lord had said through the prophet (v15)… So what God had said through the prophet Jeremiah came true (v17)… And so what God had said through the prophets came true (v23)…


  1. “Sometimes being in the centre of God’s will means our lives won’t be successful or easy…In this case God was protecting this special family (Matthew 2 vv19, 20) and in the process fulfilling the plan He had announced centuries earlier (v23). God always knows what He is doing in our lives, even when His plan isn’t so clear to us.” Essential Jesus, Day 34.


    1. I understood Luke 2 vv48-50 much more clearly today. Mary says to Jesus “Your father and I were very worried about you and have been looking for you.” Without missing a beat, Jesus responds to the term ‘Your father’ about Joseph: “Didn’t you know that I must be in my Father’s house?”
      “My Father”. Jesus already knew He was the divine Son of God.


    2. From Essential Jesus Day 35, I wonder if some of the leaders who chatted with Jesus in the Temple that day were present twenty one years later when He was crucified?


  2. From Essential Jesus, Do you think people should campaign to have Jesus more visible in Christmas decorations? What are some effective ways to put Christ into Christmas?


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