Week 12: The Miracles of Jesus

The five readings this week highlight Jesus’ power to overrule the forces of nature.  Changing water into wine, calming the sea, feeding more than five thousand people from a few loaves and fish, walking on water and causing a fig tree to wither.

The Bible tells us that ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever’ (Hebrews 13:8).  So if Jesus had the ability and want to do these things then, He will also reveal His glory and help people put faith in Him today.

24 Replies to “Week 12: The Miracles of Jesus”

    1. From Essential Jesus Day 56, By saying, ‘My time has not yet come’ (John 2 v4), Jesus makes clear He has a much bigger agenda in mind. Jesus had come to fulfill the mission given to Him by His heavenly Father, not His earthly mother.


      1. From Essential Jesus Day 56, Jesus performed miracles because they revealed His glory (were evidence of His divine nature) and they helped people put their faith in Him. Jesus’ mission was to help people believe that He was the Son of God.


    1. From Essential Jesus Day 57, Jesus has the power over the forces of nature… Things are never out of control when we are with Him. When we belong to Jesus it doesn’t matter what happens, it doesn’t matter how bad things get. Jesus has the power to change not only the wind and the waves, but also every force at work in our lives.


      1. From Essential Jesus Day 56: Honestly talk to Jesus about the things that you fear. Ask Him to give you a surer faith in His control of your life.


      1. “God allows problems into your life so you can defeat them — not just so that you can cry out to Him for deliverance every time. The tools will be in the boat with you, although the enemy will fan the winds of fear to get you to forget where the tools are.
        Most of us can identify with the disciples on the stormy sea. We might even applaud them for doing the right thing when they cried out, “Save us! Don’t you know we are perishing?” But Jesus turned to them and asked them why they did not have faith.
        In the midst of your storm, stir up your faith in the One who will show you where you put your tools. Regardless of where your storm came from, you have been trained for this moment. You do know what to do.”
        Bill Johnson, Spiritual Java


    1. From Essential Jesus Day 58, It must have been difficult at times to be a disciple of Jesus; He was constantly testing them. Sometimes He led them into tough situations. At other times He asked them tough questions. But, all the time, you get the sense that Jesus was trying to build their trust in Him. He still does that with us today.


      1. From Essential Jesus Day 58, That’s what’s going on in this familiar miracle. Jesus already knows He can feed the 5000 men plus twice as many women and children (Matthew 14:21). But, before He does, He challenges the disciples to solve the problem. What’s your first instinct when you face a big problem? Do you come up with a plan? Do you complain? Do you go into high energy mode? Do you get paralysed with worry?


      2. From Essential Jesus Day 58, Here, the disciples’ first instinct was to look at their own resources (v17), and their conclusion was they didn’t have enough to solve the problem. Not even close. But what Jesus was probing was whether or not His disciples would look to him first to solve the problem. Note that he says ‘Bring them here to me'(v18). In other words, ‘Remember who I am; look to me first in everything that happens.’ It was the very same principle He taught in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6:33).


    2. From Essential Jesus Day 58, We don’t know how or when Jesus will intervene in our lives. All we need to know is that He can, and He has resources far greater than we can ever imagine (Psalm 50:10). And that was the point of this miraculous picnic.


    1. From Essential Jesus Day 59, I wonder what Peter felt in that moment when he realised he was sinking into the raging waters? Embarrassment? Panic? Fear? Probably all of that. Now try to imagine Peter’s emotions when he felt the strong grip of Jesus on his arm.


    1. From Essential Jesus Day 60, I believe the point of Jesus’ sharp words and miraculous withering of the fig tree was not about relieving stress but about bearing fruit. Some commentators see the fig tree as a symbol of Israel’s religion at the time; it looked good but ultimately was not satisfying the people’s spiritual hunger. But it also seems to be a statement by Jesus on the urgency of his mission. He wanted his followers to know that bearing fruit is serious business and there is no time to waste.


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