To Know God better, to make Him better known

In today’s Explore service, I said I feel God’s wanting to reveal Himself more to us throughout 2015, and nurture our relationship with Him.

What ways can you already note that God has been deepening your own relationship with Him, or our relationship with Him as a congregation?

Are there any ways that God is revealing Himself to you at the moment so that you can know Him better, or us as a group to know Him better?

What are your hopes for 2015 that God will draw you closer, or us closer to Him?

One Reply to “To Know God better, to make Him better known”

  1. What sparked the prophetic word was the reading:

    On the Lord’s day I was in the Spirit, and I heard a loud voice behind me that sounded like a trumpet. The voice said, “Write what you see in a book and send it to the seven churches” (Revelation 1 vv 10, 11)

    and also Pat read the words of the song Light of the World:

    Light of the world, You stepped down into darkness, opened my eyes, let me see.


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