4 Replies to “What is my Frontline and why does it matter?”

  1. We’re exploring the fresh perspective, attitude and action that comes once we take seriously the fact that Jesus is Lord of every aspect of our lives.

    Throughout the sessions of this series you will hear the term Frontline used regularly, so here is a definition:

    Your Frontline is the place where you spend the majority of your time outside the church, where you are in contact with non-Christians.

    So your Frontline could be the workplace, school, home or neighbourhood − but, wherever it is, it’s the place where you are aware of people that God loves and of situations where God could use you to make a difference.

    Everyone is different, so no two Frontlines are identical. Some people may have difficulty in identifying their Frontline or in seeing how God might use them there − but:

    • Everyone in our church community (young or old, in paid employment or not, sick or well) has a Frontline − and it matters!

    • God is at work on the Frontline, shaping us and using us.

    So together we need to explore how God invites us to make a difference for his Kingdom on our Frontlines − and together we need to help each other see the significance and value of where God has placed us.


  2. Imagine what it might look like in Explore if members were:

    • Able to identify their Frontline and knew why God has placed them there

    • Sent out to the places they spend their time knowing that they go there in God’s strength and with his purpose

    • Excited about life on their Frontline and increasingly able to identify where and how God is at work there

    • Able to share their struggles on the Frontline with others in similar contexts and discover new ways forward as followers of Christ

    • Ready to share stories about how God is using them on their Frontline and celebrating God’s work in that place…


  3. I am looking forward to identifying the things I need to be equipped with to enhance my frontline. It was interesting especially to see the videos because he really struck a chord with me and seemed to fit in with my journey. One aspect of my frontline is extremely challenging at the moment. I am trying to deal with someone who is very combatative in nature and I don’t want to absorb it or challenge it as it makes me feel frightened. I am recognising the need to give my fears and concerns to God and am trying to do that.

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    1. I’m glad that what we did on Sunday made such a positive impact. Thank you for letting us know. I hope this course feeds what God is doing in you and you find it a rich growing time.

      This Sunday, Lynn is giving an overview of the series, it has six main sections, and then we’ll take them one by one in the coming weeks. There will also be a takeaway card this Sunday to help you keep the six points in mind.


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