How might I be a messenger of the Gospel on my frontline?

This Sunday helps us to grow in confidence and intentionality in sharing the good news of Jesus with those on our frontlines.

You may not get an opportunity every day, or even every month, but ask God who he might want you to pray for.

Ask someone else to pray for you, to offer wisdom and hold you accountable. Be ready ‘to give a reason for the hope that is in you’ (1 Peter 3:15).  Don’t be driven by false guilt.  Rest in God, trust his timing, build trust and relationships, care for people and share what Jesus has done in your life and what he offers to everyone.

Praying for our frontline friends to come to know Jesus is something we need to commit to doing over the long-term. It will be easier to persevere in prayer if we get into the pattern of doing it together as a group as well as in our own personal prayers.

Celebrate the steps you see people making towards Jesus.

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