The Journey On

How has our journey through the 6’M’s of this series, helped us to see our frontlines, ourselves and God differently?

How can we ensure that what we have learned has an on-going impact upon our lives?

Where next?  

Praying for our frontlines is powerful. When we pray, God changes things – He changes our frontlines, the people around us and He changes us. Sometimes though, we need a little help to keep momentum in praying – here is something designed to do just that:
Follow this link to sign up for the Fruitfulness on the Frontline 40-day prayer journey, you’ll receive a short prompt to pray each day via email. that will also remind you of the 6Ms in this series.
The prompts will be tailored for you and a prayer partner to help you support one another on your frontlines. To find out more and to sign up for the journey, visit

There is a book to accompany the Fruitfulness on the Frontline series.  If you’d like to dig deeper around this framework, or are looking for something to read alongside the sessions, Mark Greene’s book is a great next step.  Brimming with more real-life stories, the combination of fresh biblical insights, humour and practical steps will not only spark your imagination further, it will enrich your sense of wonder at the greatness and grace of the God who not only gave his life for us, but invites us to join him in his glorious, transforming work.

Fruitfulness on the Frontline

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