Listening Prayer and Church



Before our Church began, we dreamed of a Church where the pursuit of Jesus Himself was more important than any other agenda.  Most of our ‘business meetings’ still involve extended times of worship, silence and listening prayer.  We listen together, compare notes and act only when we’ve reached a consensus about what God has said.

Before each Church service, the leadership meet with up to a dozen intercessors who arrive early to pray.  We ask them if the Lord has given them a sense of what He wants for the morning and share with them what elements we’ve included so far.  We pray together and ask God if there is anything else He wants us to know or do that morning.

Occasions such as marriage counselling, inner healing, discipleship, and mentoring are prime venues for listening prayer.  I rarely pray or talk to anyone without inviting Jesus to speak.  After all, He is the Wonderful Counsellor, the Good Shepherd and the Anointed Teacher.  I see no point in doing a lame version of His job.  I simply lead others to hear Him for themselves.

  • Start praying for your pastor(s) and church regularly.  Ask your church leaders how you can pray specifically for them.
  • Don’t be a fault-finder.  Church leadership needs strengthening.  Ask the Lord to give you encouragement verses for your leader.  Ask the Lord to lead you in writing an uplifting note once per month.
  • Listen for corporate words of encouragement about your Church.  To begin with, just ask the Lord what He’s doing and blessing and pleased with, then pass that information on to the leaders.  When your pastor knows that you are a safe consultant, the door may be open for more directive or corrective words.
  • If God gives you inspiring ideas for your church, you don’t need to push them to anyone.  Simply hand them in as a proposal, allow leadership to weigh them, and volunteer to help.

A summary of Can You Hear Me?  Chapter 10.


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