Listening Prayer and outreach (3)

When Manda first came to our youth group, she didn’t know Jesus, but she was desperately thirsty.  She struggled with her self-image and an eating disorder that was rooted in an abuse memory.  She heard testimonies of other girls who had experienced healing of memories, so she asked for some prayer.  I knew she did not know Jesus yet, but I could see no reason why He wouldn’t turn up for her.

Manda began to walk through the memory as a little girl and, sure enough, Jesus turned up.  He held out His hand and beckoned her to take it and follow Him.  Manda hesitated a little, so I asked the Lord whether He would take and hold her.  But He continued to just stand there looking at her and waiting for her to take His hand.  When she finally did so, He scooped her up in His arms immediately and washed the stain of shame from her body.  Then He put on her a perfectly white, little dress and she was filled with His love.

Then the Lord gave me a question to ask her:  ‘Manda, what do you think of Jesus now that you’ve met Him?’

‘I love Him!’ she responded.

‘And how does it feel to have that stain removed?’ I asked.

‘Wonderful!’ she said, her eyes brimming with tears.

‘Would you be willing to let Jesus wash all the stains of sin and shame from your heart?  And would you like to be friends with Him always?’

It was a no-brainer.  Not only did she commit her life to Him that day, so did her friend who had come with her for moral support!  Later, the Lord also delivered her from anorexia.  Today, she is happily married and still holding Jesus’ hand.

Can You Hear Me?  Chapter 11.


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