Listening Prayer and outreach (4)

Nicole grew up in a Roman Catholic setting but left without ever giving her heart to Jesus.  She was struggling with fear and obsessive thoughts on several fronts.  One of her fears related to a work colleague who claimed to have seen ghosts in the house Nicole had just rented.  Nicole asked Pam, another work colleague who attends our Church, if we would come and pray for a cleansing of the house.

When we arrived, Nicole invited us in.  After she had described some of the ghostly shadows and hair-raising incidents she had experienced, we asked her:  ‘Do you want to be free?’  She gave an emphatic, Yes.  We asked how she felt about Jesus.   Two words:  Cold and Scary.  We explained that we could invite Him to speak to her.  Since she appeared to be spiritually sensitive, we thought that maybe He would remind her of a time when He had already shown Himself to her.  She closed her eyes and waited.

Seconds later, she began:  ‘He is reminding me of a dream when I was seven years old.  I am in my house looking out of the bedroom window up a hill to the Cross.’  We encouraged her to ‘step into’ the dream once again as if she were there now.  She found this easy to do, so we asked if she would like to go to the Cross with her fears.  In reliving the dream, she was able to be the seven-year-old, open the door and begin to climb the hill.

Immediately she began to weep.  ‘I can’t believe how much He loves me.  He’s so tender!  He’s so gentle!  I never knew He was like that!  He’s telling me that He’s always with me, and the bad things that happened when I was little weren’t my fault!’

Finally, we arrived at the Cross.  Jesus was still hanging there.  I told Nicole that He is alive and doesn’t need to stay on the Cross.  He might be willing to come down and hold her.  Would she like that?  As soon as she said Yes, Jesus instantly stood before her, scooped her up and cradled her in His arms.  He held her close and poured His healing love into her soul.

When we asked what needed to happen to free her from her fears, Jesus said to her, ‘Surrender’.  But Nicole was not sure yet.  ‘I only just met Him.  I’m not sure I could genuinely trust Him with my whole life all at once.’

‘How about just for the rest of the day?’ we asked.  Could she surrender and trust her life and her home to Him that long?  Could she give Him space to begin a relationship and to build trust?  She thought so.  We encouraged her to tell Jesus so in her own words.  Then Nicole spoke the most heartfelt sinner’s prayer I’ve ever heard.  She wept away years of guilt, hurt and fear and received a deep touch of God’s grace and love.  The whole meeting took place in the memory of a childhood dream that she now beheld in vision form.

Was the dream meeting real?  I believe so.  The fear and hurt were real.  The love and comfort were very real.  The healing was real.  The conviction and repentance were real.  The new relationship is real.  Best of all, her new life in Christ featured the presence and voice of God from Day one, and continues to do so to this day.


Can You Hear Me?  Chapter 11.


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