Having a Meeting Place when seeking inner healing

Three-way conversational prayer is helpful in seeking inner healing for someone.

In this model, you ask a question, Jesus gives the answer to the person you’re praying for, and he or she reports Jesus’ answer back to you.

Rather than sort out ourselves which ‘window’ of a person’s soul we must enter in order to invite Jesus, much better to just find Jesus first and ask Him to lead us there.  Everyone, even the most wounded soul, has a safe place in his or her heart in which to meet Jesus.  It might be any of the Meeting Places we studies earlier.  It’s like the ‘hallway’, a place of safety where Jesus will meet us and lead us into the healing work that he deems necessary for that session.

A meeting place enables you to find Jesus in a safe place rather than searching frantically for Him in the middle of a traumatic memory.  It becomes a safe ‘square one’ base for all forays into healing.

In the meeting place, Jesus prepares us to enter painful memories.  He provides, comfort, courage, reassurance and promises before we enter the scary places.  If things in a memory get a little ‘hairy’, you can always retreat to the ‘hallway’ for more clarification or courage.

A meeting place establishes Jesus as the leader of every prayer ministry time.  Whenever you feel lost, you can simply ask, ‘What needs to happen next?’  As Trevor Walters, an Anglican priest, once told me,

‘The less you think you know, the more authority you’ll have.’

That’s because you leave more space for Jesus to work rather than assuming you know how to sort the problem.

From Can You Hear Me? Chapter 13.   Brad-Jersak-Can-you-hear-me-201x300

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