Listening Prayer and Inner Healing


Shani sat with my wife, sobbing deeply through a stream of healing tears.  She had just witnessed a profound revelation with the eyes of her heart.  The Lord had taken her back to a painful memory involving an indecent assault.  As she recalled the scene, she saw Christ enter the room and draw next to her, take her hand, and weep for her.  As He did, her sorrow became His, and she felt the burden of sadness leave her heart, to be replaced by peace.  Suddenly, she gasped.

‘I can’t believe this!  Jesus has just taken my place!  I’m sitting beside Him, holding His hand!  Now He’s the One being assaulted!’  She resisted the picture.  She was horrified that He would be subjected to the trauma and shame that she had felt.  But as Jesus lay there, maintaining constant eye contact with her, Shani experienced the deep healing that comes when the ‘Man of Sorrows’ takes our grief upon Himself and releases His own joy to us.  Rather than being re-victimised by reliving the memory, God had entered into the pain with her to free her from it forever.

This revelation of Christ left an indelible imprint on Shani’s life (and ours).  She admits that she could never nor would she have made up such a startling scenario.  She testifies that the fruit of that encounter is a permanent healing of that memory.  The event still happened, but it holds no power over her anymore.

From Can You Hear Me?  Brad Jersak, Chapter 4.


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