Listening Prayer and inner healing (2)


My friend Heather and I were praying for Terri, a young Christian who struggled deeply with depression, loneliness and abandonment.  When we asked the Lord to track this back to a seminal moment, Terri recalled her childhood memories of being five and six years old and coming home to an empty house or being left to babysit her toddler sister.  They lived in a caravan in a rough area of town.  She recalled the deep-seated fear and loneliness of those years.  She would lock all the doors and hide inside until her parents returned from work.

As we prayed, Terri exploded in fits of tears, ‘Where was Jesus then?’  It was more of an accusation than a question.  She jumped up and ran out of the office, out of the Church building and down the street.  I sat a little stunned, thinking deep thoughts about lawsuits, and so on.  Heather turned and offered, ‘I just saw a picture of Terri, hiding in a wardrobe.  Do you think I should go after her and tell her?’  It sounded good to me, so off she went.  As Heather ran down the street, she met Terri running back towards the Church.  Actually, she was skipping and laughing.  Before Heather could say a word, Terri shouted at her,

‘He was in the wardrobe;  He was in the wardrobe!’

Terri recounted how in those scary days at home alone, she would often go to her bedroom and curl up in her wardrobe.  She would experience a sense of security and peace there.  Now she had seen why:  She saw that Christ was there with her – she saw His form and she saw His light, warming the little wardrobe with the comfort of God.  His loving presence in that memory transformed it into a precious meeting place for Terri and Jesus.

Can You Hear Me?  Chapter 5.


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