Listening Prayer and inner healing (4)

The questions that we ask Jesus concerning truth-based burdens are:

  • ‘Jesus, What is the burden that they have been carrying?’
  • ‘Jesus, Where do they carry that burden in their body?’  They may carry it in their heart, their head, their gut, their shoulders, and so on.  Jesus usually allows them to feel where they are carrying it as you pray together.

  • ‘Jesus, What does that burden look like in the Spirit?’  It might be an iron ball, or barbed wire, it is usually an unpleasant picture.
  • ‘Jesus, What has carrying this burden cost them?’  The Lord will show them that however appropriate the feeling was at first, carrying it over time has cost them dearly.  They may answer, ‘It has cost me my life, or my joy, or my peace, or too many relationships’.

These questions serve to loosen our grip from our burdens.  Too often we befriend our burdens, believing that they somehow comfort us or even protect us from further pain.  In truth, they allow and even cause further hurt in our lives by filtering out love, joy and peace.

One prayer ministry developer asks, ‘If Jesus were willing to take this burden from you, would you let Him?’  Most answer, ‘Yes,’ but when he follows up with, ‘Are you sure?’ up to half of his clients are not sure.  They believe a lie that somehow they need this burden.  He refers all such objections to God, who shows them or tells them the truth.

  • ‘Jesus, with what would you replace this burden?’  If we have been using a burden for protection, Jesus may give us a shield of faith or a sword of truth in its place.  Or He may replace it with an emotion like love, joy or peace.

When all their objections are satisfied, the person will be willing to pray, ‘Lord, if You’ll take this burden from me, I’ll let You take it.’

Can You Hear Me?  Chapter 13.


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