Listening Prayer and inner healing (6)

With lie-based pain:

  • We ask the person why they feel that emotion.  This exposes lies that energise the emotion.
  • We also ask the person what messages they received about themselves (like, ‘I am a loser’), about others (like, ‘Adults are liars’), life or the world (like, ‘Life stinks’), and even about God (like, ‘God doesn’t care’).  This question shows us what judgements they have made that now reap consequences in their daily life.  Even true judgements, if made in bitterness, will come back to punish us.  We often become what we judge or else turn into the extreme opposite.

  • We ask what decisions they made as a result of those judgements.  We sometimes call these ‘inner vows’ (‘I will never …’ or ‘I will always …’ statements).
  • Having coxed out each lie, judgement and inner vow, we ask the person to approach Jesus and verbalise them to His face one at a time, to see how He responds.
  • We pray, ‘Jesus part of their heart really feels that way:  What do you want them to know about that?’  I never personally contradict lies, judgements, and vows with reason or Scriptures.  Such answers only enter their mind as information without removing the lie and resultant emotion from their hearts.  However, Jesus’ answer does effectively demolish lies so that it no longer ‘feels’ true.  The truth defeats the lie, and the emotion it generated simply vanishes.

Can You Hear Me?  Chapter 13.


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