Using honour to create a safe place.

How can Church leadership create freedom and not more rules?  How can we bring out the best in human beings?  The difficulty in leading free people is the risk that they might use their freedom in the wrong way.  But God sees the risk as worth it.  The majority of leaders are pretty uptight.  The same goes for many parents.  When parents need to go somewhere with their children, when a vicar prepares to lead a Sunday service, if there is something important going on, and the outcome matters to you, there’s a good chance that you are uptight or stressed.  Another word for uptight is fear.  When somebody does something threatening or unexpected in your environment, when somebody is not safe, a gland in our brain begins to flood our body with the messages:  react, defend, disappear, fight or flee.  These are some of the responses in which we show our worst.  When we do not feel safe, it’s likely that we will allow fear to start directing our behaviour.

When we practise honour to one another, which includes love and trust, fear is not allowed to rule our decisions and freedom gets preserved.

Condensed from Chapter 6, Culture of Honour by Danny Silk.  Honour

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