Listening Prayer and inner healing (7)

If you have never invited Jesus into a painful memory before, here are some simple, safe, beginning exercises:

  1. Practise finding Jesus in any memory.  Ask the Lord to remind you of a pleasant memory when you felt full of love, joy or peace.    Then ask Jesus to show you where He was then.
  2. Next, practise removing a simple truth-based burden.  Remember a time when you felt a disappointment.  Ask the Lord to show you what the disappointment looked like.  Invite Him to draw near in the memory and lift the burden off.  Practise allowing Him to remove that burden.
  3. Finally, practise removing a simple lie-based pain.  Recall an incident when you were anxious about doing something for the first time (a new school, job, public speaking, and so on).  Find Jesus in that memory.  Tell Him that you’re afraid and why you’re afraid.  See how He responds.  Feel what that does to your anxiety.

Remember, these are not mere techniques;  they are the presence of Jesus in every memory, the Cross of Christ for every burden, and the truth of Christ for every lie.

Can You Hear Me?  Chapter 13.


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