Bradley Jersak: What we can say to those who suffer

Bradley Jersak writes, in a book I’m reading:

I think we can honestly say to those in affliction:

  • Yes, you are suffering.  There’s no denying your affliction.
  • Jesus sees your suffering and cares about your suffering.
  • Jesus knows your suffering intimately and experientially, because He too suffered but also because He dwells in you.
  • Jesus suffered too;  He completely identifies with your pain.
  • Jesus is here with you now.  He co-suffers with you here, even if it feels like He is absent.
  • His co-suffering love does not mean He’s in the same helpless state of suffering or despair that you are in.
  • Co-suffering means He wants to graft your pain to the resources of His divine love.
  • You can welcome His self-giving love to transform your pain and bring redemption, even in the dark night of absence and affliction.  Let’s meet Him at the Cross.

Bradley Jersak, A More Christlike God, 2015




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