Charles Snyder: Hope isn’t an emotion

According to researcher C. R. Snyder, who dedicated his career to studying the topic, hope isn’t an emotion; it’s a way of thinking. Hope is more than a feeling. It’s a thought process. Snyder believes there are three parts to the process consisting of the following:


First, you need to set realistic goals that demonstrate you know where you want to go. You could call this knowing your purpose or having a mission in life. Aligning your purpose and goal with your passion in life will propel you toward your goal.


Secondly, you need to know how to achieve your goals. To achieve your goal, you must stay flexible and make adjustments along the way. Being flexible in the process means treating failures as feedback rather than dead ends. You make changes based on the feedback and keep moving toward your goal. You know where you are going, be persistent, and you will handle the temporary setbacks along the way while continuing to pursue your purpose. Throughout the whole process, you keep your eye on the end goal and relentlessly push on.


Thirdly you must believe in yourself. You must know you can achieve your goal. You need confidence in yourself, to know that no matter what happens and no matter how long it takes, you will achieve your goal. Believing in yourself isn’t so difficult when you connect it with the first step because when you know your purpose and are passionate about it, it gives you the drive to push through until you reach your goal. 

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