Tomorrow at Explore

I loved the first of Explore’s Love Does series last Sunday!  Were you there?  Did you consider giving something up?  Did you think of someone to contact and say ‘Thank you for being with me’?  Were you ‘with’ someone this week?  Did you notice ‘God with’ you?  We were sat round tables so that more people could be talking at the same time, there was a lot to consider applying personally.
If you missed it, here‘s the video from last Sunday.  If you watch it, you could still join us this week, when we’ll be looking at the embarrassment we feel when we fail, but also what God does with our failures.  It’ll be inspiring and there’ll be another video with Bob Goff, who wrote the book, Love Does.  Your friends would like this!  Bob’s American, so we’ll have different kinds of doughnuts each week!  Last week it was raspberry jam!
Best of all, our dear friends Kay and Jessica will be with us in person tomorrow, Sunday 10 December!  We’ll ask them how their time has been so far in Kenya.
11.15am, Ottery St Mary Parish Church, Sundays 10 and 17 December and 7 and 14 January.

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