Here’s a line from a song I’d love us to sing at Explore.  Here’s what the writers, Rend Collective say about it:

We’ve had a lot of questions about what this line of our new song Rescuer means. But have you ever felt let down by church? Betrayed by the very community you looked to for support and encouragement? Sadly this is a common story because we’re still broken, sinful humans. Selfish ambition, pride, ego, inability to empathise, lack of forgiveness often get in our way. We’re tempted by these things whenever we encounter community. Institution may let us down, people will sadly fail us, but Jesus always comes through. He shines, loves, saves, heals, cries with us, and promises to walk with us even we feel abandoned by those we trusted. There’s no replacement for him, he is our Rescuer and there is no other.
We’re not sure where you’re at this Sunday morning– maybe you can’t bring yourself to go to church. Don’t worry, there’s grace for that too. We’d encourage you to bring that hurt and pain to the one who promises to weep with you. And for those of us who call ourselves Christians let’s resolve to continue to strive to show the type of love, forgiveness and grace that Jesus extends to everyone who runs to him. Let’s fling open the church doors. We are called to love the oppressed and marginalised. So this Sunday, let’s ask Jesus to make us more like Him! 

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