Today at Explore

Today at Explore we continued the Love Does series by looking at audacious love.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to it.

One of the possible challenges for the week was based on the story of Jacob’s Ladder and we encouraged ourselves to prayerfully notice ‘God with us’ somewhere different;  either somewhere you go often but don’t tend to think of God, or somewhere you would not expect God to be.  A prayer could be ‘God, show me where Your Kingdom and Love are already on display in this place and with these people.’

We’d love to hear where you found God in this activity, whether it surprised you and what you learned about love in the process.  You could leave a comment on this post, and tell us next time!  The next Love Does will be in three weeks’ time, Sunday 7 January, after Christmas and New Year.

Love Does series png

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