Explore’s website’s top posts from 2017, voted by you!

Here’s a countdown of the ten most-read posts on Explore’s website in 2017:

Number Ten was a song by singer songwriter Jenn Johnson, You’re gonna be OK.  ‘Hope is never lost; Hold on, don’t let go’.  You may watch the lyric video and read the lyrics here.

During December 2017, we posted four weekly parts of mini-series Meet the Nativity.  The third episode was Number nine, and the first Number eight, watch all four of them hereherehere and here, including the additional ‘Story behind’ videos which take you deeper into the message.  They’re all only 5-minutes long each.

2017 was the year the film The Shack was in cinemas, and also the year that we put it on for private screenings at The StationNumber seven was a video interview with singer and actress Sumire about her role as the Holy Spirit in the film.  Watch it here.

Number six was a 3-minute Christmas video called Wrapping Paper about an old teddy bear who believes his only chance of being loved and accepted is by wrapping himself up in wrapping paper to hide his faults and flaws. It’s a video about being ourselves and loved by God. Check it out here.

Number five was another video interview from The Shack, this time with actor Avraham Aviv Alush who played Jesus.  Watch it here.

Number four is the poem A Thank-You Note written by Australian Poet and Writer Lang Leav.  You can read it here.

Number three is the song I Don’t Have the Answers from Irish band We Are Messengers.  It speaks to me of standing with a brother or sister in prayer when they are going through a tough trial.  Watch the video here.

Number two was an image of the Bible verse Romans 15 v. 13Now may God, the inspiration and fountain of hope, fill you to overflowing with uncontainable joy and perfect peace as you trust in him. And may the power of the Holy Spirit continually surround your life with his super-abundance until you radiate with hope!  Find it here.

Number one was actually a post from 2016, but it was viewed more than 250 times in 2017, more than any article that was actually posted in 2017!  It’s a lovely image of the Bible verse Song of Solomon 3 v. 4: I have found the One whom my soul loves.  It speaks of finding our longing in one place.  See it here.

The Explore website had more than five thousand views in 2017, more than double the year before.  We posted 350 times.  Thank you for following us;  Please tell your friends, and click ‘Add comment’ on any post to add your own thoughts and start a conversation and help build the community.

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