“God loves us, but doesn’t like us” – is it true?

In an Explore service in December we asked God, Do you find anything in me that is loveable, that is enough, that is worthy of being loved?

In a book I’m reading, Author Wm. Paul Young writes:

In the religious subculture in which I was raised, we all knew that God is love. We said it and sang it all the time, until it didn’t mean that much. It was simply the way that God is. It is like the grandchild who says, “But you have to love me. You’re my Grandad.”

But saying “God is love” doesn’t capture our question, does it?

So I’ve made a habit of rephrasing the line “God loves you,” and instead of making it about God, I make it about the object of God’s relentless affection—us. So I would say, “God is especially fond of you.” There is a world of difference between saying “I love you,” which is about me, and saying “I am especially fond of you,” which is about you. Both are correct, but the latter somehow pierces the disquiet of our souls and says, “Yes, I know you love me, but do you know me and do you like me? You love because that is the way you are, but is there anything about me that is worth loving? Do you ‘see’ me, and do you like what you ‘see’?”

Wm. Paul Young, Lies we believe about God


“Some say, life is hard, like swimming upstream and going against the grain. But I say, life ain’t that hard; ‘Cause I’ve seen how the Joy outweighs the pain.  So you can sit and whine about the times that you’ve been having.  Oh but as for me I choose to be as happy as I can be. Because I’m alright; Trouble may find me but it’s not going to keep me down.  ‘Cause I’ll hold on tight, to the Father who loves me, He likes having me around.  Yeah He loves me and He cares for me and so I’ll be Alright.”

Lyrics of the song ‘I’m Alright’, FFM

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