The Explore Bible Study is back tomorrow

The Explore Bible Study is back!  Tomorrow is a fourth Sunday in the month, so no morning Explore meeting, but join us at 4.30pm at Colin and Annette’s house for tea and cake and then a Bible Study from 5-6pm.  Children are welcome.  Bring a Bible and some cake!  The children can play whilst the adults study.

We’re excited about this one!  Colin‘s going to help us unlock the story of the Sheep and the goats from Matthew 25:31-46.  It turns out that telling sheep and goats apart is not as obvious as appears.  Which people are ‘in the right’ and what is Jesus’ criterion for judging?  Are you more like a goat or a sheep?  Come and join us as we continue the Bible Timeline!  If it’s still warm enough, we’ll have the tea and cakes in the garden:  We’ve mowed the lawn!

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