Danny Silk: Tell others what you’re going to do


Set boundaries around your relationships to honour yourself and others. Consider the level of intimacy you have with specific people in your life whenever they ask you to invest time and energy into your relationships with them. Keep in mind that the people you’re closest to (such as your spouse, children, and best friends) deserve more of your time and energy than others do. Set boundaries with needy people – just as Jesus did during his time on Earth – in order to prioritise the time and energy God has given you each day according to what would best help you fulfil his purposes for your life. Learn how to say “No” to some people at some times so you’ll be free to say “Yes” to the most important pursuits in your relationships. Require respect in all of your relationships. When setting boundaries on behaviours, tell others what you’re going to do instead of telling them what they have to do. Remember that people believe your actions more than they believe your words. Make sure that your choices are defined by the priorities that you have committed yourself to, rather than other people’s choices. The more you set healthy boundaries in your relationships, the more you’ll invite respect, honour, trust, and love into those relationships.

Adapted from Keep Your Love On by Danny Silk.

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