Tomorrow at Explore: Pentecost

Although tomorrow’s Explore service has been advertised as a Communion service, we will not be having Communion after all.  It is a third Sunday in the month, so we will still have a Bring and Share Lunch after the service, for all who can stay for it.

Shortly after Jesus’ ascension, on the Jewish feast day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came upon his disciples. While they were gathered in a house, a sound like a violent rushing wind filled the place and flames of fire rest on each disciple, and they were filled with the Holy Spirit. They began speaking in different foreign languages, with the result that many of the Jews from different parts of the world heard them speak in their own language. This and other notable miracles took place as the number of converts to Christianity increased rapidly in Jerusalem.

How does this link with the Old Testament covenant and festivals?  Tomorrow at Explore, Colin and Annette lead us through the roles of the Spirit and the Church.  There’ll be the opportunity to ask God for more.  The Tindals will share some stories of their work in recent weeks with young mothers in Kenya.  11.15am, Ottery St Mary Parish Church.

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