Tomorrow at Explore: God rescues Peter from Prison

Is there something in your life that looks a mess?  In John 5 Jesus said that God is always present and at work.  God is always present.  He is always at work in your life.  He’s always seeking to engage you in whatever circumstances you’re experiencing.  But, it doesn’t always feel that way, does it?  Sometimes it feels like God is distant and aloof.  That he’s absent, or that he doesn’t care.

But that’s more a perception than reality.  Today, Colin develops a concept that came up last Sunday that God is strong in our weakness.  In today’s passage, God rescues Peter from Prison in an amazing and dramatic way (Acts 12:1-16).  What would it look like for God to be strong in the weakness of your life?

11.15am, Ottery St Mary Parish Church.

2 Replies to “Tomorrow at Explore: God rescues Peter from Prison”

  1. Great morning this morning: Beatrice was brilliant! We honoured Roy and Pat. We talked This Time Tomorrow with Anthony. We talked about being strong when we are weak. What one thing did you take away from today’s service?


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