Dave Hopwood: The Lord’s Prayer paraphrase

Here is Dave Hopwood‘s paraphrase of The Lord’s Prayer, that we used in Explore in April:

Our Father, who lives in heaven,
we want to praise you
and say how wonderful you are.
May we do the things that you want us to do,
and do our best to live our lives
according to the values of heaven.

Please show us how to do this,
and give us all the things we need –
help us not to be selfish.

We are sorry for the times when we have been selfish;
in fact we are sorry for all the things
we have done wrong.
We remember all those who have annoyed us,
hurt us or upset us,
and we ask for your help to forgive them.

Please keep us away from
the things that are not good for us;
and help us when we want do the things that are wrong.
Help us to resist the temptations that distract us
but instead to focus on you –
and all the good things you do for us.

Because you have made everything,
you own everything
and you love everyone.

You are God forever,

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