God is prudish: Is that true?

Author Wm. Paul Young writes:

Sexuality is a beautiful and creative force only when it is an expression of agape, a Greek word that means other-centred, self-giving, committed love.  God is agape (1 John).  At some point we severed sexuality from agape and legitimised the category of eros and its derivative, erotica.  In the classical world, Eros was a demonic god focused only on self-centered and self-servicing power in which the others were a means to the end of self-gratification (think pornography) and a fulfilment of the yearning toward wholeness (think infatuation).  True love finds its fulfilment in the other and is, therefore, never blind.  Infatuation is purposefully blind, finding its fulfilment only in the self and self-need.  So it shouldn’t be surprising that the word eros does not appear in Scripture, and when it appears in theological conversation, it stands in opposition to agape.

Pornography (like infatuation) is obviously non-relational; it is an imaginary relationship that requires none of the risks of a real one. In fact, it is the opposite of knowing.


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