Trinity: Are You?

The Band Trinity wanted to write a song about God with new words, and new imagery.  The song is Summery: it’s guitar-driven, with Peruvian drums and trumpets. The band say we’re often so preoccupied with ‘our opinion and stance’ on something that we forget that Biblical ‘knowing’ the mysterious God is by loving Him. They suggest that the next time you find yourself wondering what to think about something: Love it first, like Jesus did. Only love can handle the truth. And ‘for God so loved the world that He gave His Son’.. So there is an abundance of Love to be found in Him. Enough for all of us.

I can’t understand it or figure it out

Lost in your mystery is where I am found

Trinity, Are You?

The full words are:

Are you?
that homesick feeling in my soul?
The fire
That won’t leave me alone
the sum of all creation’s secrets
hidden in it all?
are you

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