God’s more masculine than feminine: Is that true?

Author Wm. Paul Young writes:

“Do any of us truly think that God is more masculine, more male, more paternal than feminine, female and maternal?  All of maternity, as all of paternity, originates in the very nature of God.  The image of God in us (imago dei) is not less feminine than masculine.  The feminine/masculine nature of God is a circle of relationship, a spectrum, not a polarity.

And imagery?  It is all over the Scriptures:  masculine (Father, King, …), feminine (Nursing Mother, Woman and Coin, …), animal (Mother Bear, Eagle, Lioness, …), inanimate objects (Rock, Fortress, Strong Tower, Mountain, Shield, …).

Imagery was never meant to define God;  rather, imagery is a window through which we see aspects and facets of the nature and character of God.”


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