New Explore series starts tomorrow: The Essential Question

You will want to be at Explore tomorrow when Fiona introduces our new 10-week series The Essential Question, which follows the exciting Bible book of Acts.  She’s going to introduce five daily readings entitled The Church is Born (Acts Chapters 1 and 2).  You will be given a free copy of the book The Essential Question;  Your challenge will be to read the five brief readings during the week before the following Sunday!  For those who have been around Explore for a while, The Essential Question series is by Scripture Union and follows on from the quality series Essential Jesus (which we followed in 2015) and E100 (which we studied in 2011).  The series will last September, October and November.  Ottery St Mary Parish Church, 11.15am

Week One: The Church Is Born, the introduction is on page 15 of The Essential Question book. Here are the five readings for this week and where you’ll find the daily reflections in your book:

  1. The Essential Truth Acts 1:1–11, page 16
  2. So, Now What? Acts 1:12–26, page 17
  3. The Real, Real World Acts 2:1–13, page 18
  4. What Just Happened? Acts 2:14–36, page 19
  5. The New Testament Church Acts 2:37–47, page 20

There will be five more readings next week. Pick up a free copy of the book tomorrow at Explore.

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