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Last Sunday we started a new series The Essential Question, which guides us through the Bible book of Acts. Each week we get five readings to study, with a helpful accompanying reflection of each.

Tomorrow Gill continues the series, with five more readings: The Church Begins to Grow (Acts Chapters 3 and 4).  It’s going to sound a bit different, Gill’s Mum Gwen is going to lead two of the hymns on the organ!  Ottery St Mary Parish Church, 11.15am

The five readings for the coming week are:

  • 6. ‘Just Do It’ Faith, Acts 3:1–10, page 26
  • 7. The Hard Sayings of Peter, Acts 3:11–26, page 27
  • 8. The Offence of Christianity, Acts 4:1–22, page 28
  • 9. Fearless Prayer, Acts 4:23–31, page 29
  • 10. The Perfect Church, Acts 4:32–37, page 30

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