Tomorrow at Explore: The Good News Changes Lives (Acts Chapters 8 and 9)

Tomorrow at Explore, Colin continues our new 10-week series The Essential Question, which follows the Bible book of Acts.  He introduces five daily readings The Good News Changes Lives (Acts Chapters 8 and 9), including the conversion of Saul (Paul).  Saul was a most unlikely convert;  Is anyone unsavable?  Colin tells his own spectacular story of coming to faith, we pray for those who don’t think they need God and we’ll also try to have an encounter with the transforming power of Jesus ourselves.  Ottery St Mary Parish Church, 11.15am

The five readings for this coming week are:

  • 16 The B-List Apostle, Acts 8:1b–25, page 44
  • 17 Effective Evangelism, Acts 8:26–40, page 45
  • 18 Seeing the Light, Acts 9:1–9, page 46
  • 19 I Want You! Acts 9:10–19a, page 47
  • 20 Spiritual Mentor, Acts 9:19b–31, page 49

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