A new song from Matt Redman: Upon Him

Matt Redman’s new album Let There Be Wonder comes out on Friday. Here’s a third song from it, Upon Him. We like it! Here is a live performance video and also a lyric video.


Upon a hill, a perfect Saviour

Upon that day, the greatest love

The punishment that should have fallen on us

Upon Him, upon Him

Upon His head, a crown of thorns

Upon His heart, a broken world

The wage of sin, the weight of our transgressions

Upon Him, upon Him

Christ has died

We are forgiven

And Christ alive

We are the risen

And He shall come again

Praise the King

Praise the King

Upon our hearts

His name is written

The King of Kings and Lord of Lords

We’re pouring out a song of praise together

Upon Him, upon Him

One name upon our lips Jesus

No greater name than this Jesus

And every knee will bow

Every heart confess Jesus, Jesus

Written by: Matt Redman, Andi Rozier and Jon Guerra

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