John Mark Comer: The Sabbath

John Mark Comer is an American Church leader, who says the Sabbath rescued him from breakdown. This article from New Wine magazine is reposted here with their permission.

We planted our church a few years back and it just about killed me. The first year was really hard, but really fun. The second was really hard, but good. The third year was just really hard. By the fourth year, I was dying: on the edge of a nervous breakdown, stressed out, racked by anxiety and hugely unhappy. The main problem was that I loved my job and was a workaholic – one of the many sins our culture deems acceptable, if not a virtue.

In today’s culture, busy has become a moniker for important: I’m busy means I matter. We’re busy with play too. There’s so much to do, to watch, see, experience and buy. We overfill our lives with work and email and social media and friends and nights out and church and community work and shopping and travel. It’s a non-stop, frenetic lifestyle – and it’s soul destroying. It’s been said that if the devil can’t make you sin, he’ll make you busy.

It was at the edge of burn-out that I caught wind of this ancient practice called the Sabbath – that thing for Jewish people or legalistic Christians. I started to read up on it, then started to practice it, and, honestly, it has changed my life.

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