J John: On Being Home Alone

Here are some wise thoughts from Canon J. John about staying at home.

In my last blog I wrote about us suddenly finding ourselves travelling through the unknown and unpleasant land of ‘Covidia’. Now on the path before us lies self-isolation or quarantine; of choosing or being forced to stay at home for weeks.

There are, of course, exceptions to this. Many people – including many readers – will not have the option of staying at home but will be out on the front line as doctors, nurses, health staff, police officers, pharmacists, supermarket workers and those in other vital roles. If this is you, can I, along with my readers, express our admiration and gratitude to you. We who are on the side-lines of this struggle, salute you and resolve to pray and support you through this time.

Now that self-isolation is what we now face, how do we handle it? Let me share three words that I hope will help.

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