Psalm 61: While my heart flags

Psalm 61:  

Listen to my resounding noise, God, 
 heed my plea.
From the end of the earth I call to you, 
 while my heart flags.
To a crag that rises high above me may you lead me, 
 because you’ve been a shelter for me, 
 a vigorous tower before the enemy.

I shall reside in your tent permanently, 
 I shall shelter in the hiding place of your wings. (Rise)
Because you, God, have listened to my pledges; 
 you gave their possession to the people who hold your name in awe.
You will add days to the king’s days; 
 his years will be like generation after generation.
He will live permanently before God; 
 appoint commitment and truthfulness so they may preserve him. 
Thus I shall make music to your name permanently, 
 in making good my pledges day by day.

Psalm 61, Bible for Everyone

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