Lost Voice Guy: Shall I Pray for You?

I enjoyed Lost Voice Guy’s biography Only in it for the Parking. Lost Voice Guy is not a Christian. He has cerebral palsy. When he was a teenager his Aunt took him to a faith healer. I was challenged with this short passage in the book, about people commonly asking him ‘Shall I pray for you?’

When you’re disabled, people tend to pity you a lot. When people find out more about my disability, they start to tell me how sorry they are. Everyone is so sorry all the time. Sorry to hear I can’t talk, sorry about my walk and sorry I’m both ugly and disabled. They say ‘sorry’ is the hardest word, but I can safely say that it isn’t, because I can’t say any of the other words in the dictionary either. And, let’s be clear, you haven’t really tried to say the hardest word until you’ve attempted to type ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ into your iPad without making a spelling mistake.

The whole pity thing means people often come up to me and say that they will pray for me. I’ll be honest with you: I’m not at all sure why they do this. I presume it’s because they think my disability is a burden and I need to be healed. Or a sin ‒ either in this life or some past existence as the despotic ruler of a remote jungle kingdom ‒ for which I’m now paying. Or maybe their hearts go out to me because they realize I’ll never appear on Strictly Come Dancing.

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