Here are Explore’s website’s Top Posts from 2020, voted by you!

Thank you for following us!  Here’s a countdown of the five most-read posts on Explore’s website in 2020: 

The fifth most popular post was the article China: Inside the biggest revival in history. You can read it here.

The fourth most popular post this year was a Pete Grieg‘s Devotion A Sabbath Prayer. You can read it here.

Number three is a interview ‘We’re going to feel stupid for eternity if we waste this life’ with Jackie Pullinger.  It was viewed 132 times.  Find it here.

The UK Blessing | Diocese of London

Number two was the classic song The UK Blessing from worship leaders released in the first UK Covid-19 Lockdown.  Find it here.  It has had more than 170 views. 

And the Number one, the most viewed post was 24/7 Prayer’s Lectio 365 Devotion,  I Can’t Breathe by Izwe Nkosi, his powerful response to the death of George Floyd.  It had 260 views.  See it here.  It’s well worth a read. 

The Explore website had more than ten thousand views in 2020, more than ever before.  We posted more than 250 times.  Thank you for following us;  Please tell your friends, and click ‘Add comment’ on any post to add your own thoughts and start a conversation and help build the community.

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