Bob Goff: When Jesus Rose From the Dead, He Showed That Our Lives Are the Best Sermon We’ve Got. Pile on Love Instead of Piling Up Words.

Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.” None of the disciples dared ask him, “Who are you?” They knew it was the Lord.

JOHN 21:12

Here’s a page from Bob Goff’s book of daily reflections, Live in Grace, Walk in Love:

Shortly after Jesus rose from the dead, His friends were embarrassed and confused. So they went back to what they knew best: fishing. I don’t blame them. It’s comforting to do things you know you’re good at when you feel bewildered or ashamed or insecure.

Jesus’ friends pushed back out into the water and started fishing. A voice came from the shore and said something that must have sounded familiar. The voice told them to throw their nets on the other side of the boat. This had happened before. It was life bookended with the same statement. You know how the story ends—these men ended up with so many fish, they almost broke their nets. That’s when the nickel dropped. Peter knew it was Jesus. He immediately jumped in the water and swam to the shore. Sans swimsuit.

When Peter got to shore, he saw a fire burning with fish on top and some bread set aside for them. Jesus didn’t say the biggest “I told you so” of all time. He didn’t chastise His friends for deserting Him in His greatest moment of need. He didn’t take advantage of a “teachable moment” to tell them what to do the next time they were tempted to say they didn’t even know Him and desert a friend. What He did was simply this: He made them breakfast. He let His presence on the shore with them do all the talking.

If we commit to becoming the kinds of people God created us to be, our lives will tell better stories than our words ever will. They will be the testimony people need to see and feel before they hear a word we’re saying. Who is it you think you need to teach a good lesson to? Don’t make a lot of noise in their lives; make them a stack of pancakes.

Who will you make a stack of pancakes for? When?

Bob Goff: Live in Grace, Walk in Love

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