Enough is enough. It’s time to let Christians sing again.

The refusal of our government to even set a date when congregational singing might be possible again is a real kick in the teeth to the thousands of priests and pastors who have not only complied with ever-changing guidelines on what is permissible inside their buildings, but have stepped up their community work too. In the months and years to come, as we discover the full impact that these lockdowns have had on our society (and not least upon our mental health), you can bet the Church will once again be on the frontline, caring for people’s physical, mental and spiritual welfare. If it weren’t for Jesus’ words about giving freely without expecting anything in return (Luke 6:34), I’d say the government owes us…

There are 25 million people now fully vaccinated and the death rate has dropped to fewer than ten per day. Research conducted last year suggested singing is no riskier than talking, when it comes to spreading coronavirus. Those who want or need to stay at home on a Sunday morning can carry on singing at their laptop screens. But for the rest of us, in the words of that famous Delirious? song, it’s time to open up the doors and let the music play. We have been deprived of our right to worship God corporately through song for much too long. The Government must act now.

Sam Hailes is editor of Premier Christianity magazine. Before joining Premier he worked as a freelance journalist and social media manager. He’s married to Stacey, lives in London and is a keen traveller, reader and tweeter. You can find this article here.

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