Explore tomorrow

An Allsorts Sunday this week, so no 11.15 service Sunday 25 November, but a Bible Study 4.30-6.00pm at Colin and Annette’s.  

How has the Bible Timeline series been a blessing to you?  Bring along one question you now have, and together we’ll see if we can help one another!

Bring some cake, we eat and have a hot drink from 4.30pm and then study from 5pm.  Children are welcome.

Explore tomorrow

A potentially life-changing Explore tomorrow!  As we come towards the end of The Bible Timeline later this month, Colin helps us consider, after three years, how are we to respond to this amazing story?  There’ll be time to reflect individually on your own spiritual journey and space to identify what next steps may be the most helpful in spiritual growth.  We’ll sing Living Hope, Rescuer, My Hope is Built (On Christ the Solid Rock) and Counting Every Blessing.  11.15am, Ottery St Mary Parish Church.

Explore tomorrow: Paul’s Letters

Paul was zealous at persecuting the Church before his conversion.

What miracle turned his life completely around?

What did he accomplish?

In today’s Explore, Annette looks at Paul, the books he has written and what he taught.

Steve will lead us in Communion and the service will be followed by a Bring and Share Lunch. 

11.15am, Ottery St Mary Parish Church.

Tomorrow at Explore

When has a seemingly small errand for God turned out to be more significant than you thought?  Roy and Pat help us understand this passage about Peter and Dorcas in Acts 9:36-43.  Ottery St Mary Parish Church, 11.15am.  

Explore tomorrow

When has a seemingly small errand for God turned out to be more significant than you thought?  Tomorrow at Explore, Roy and Pat help us understand this passage about Peter and Dorcas in Acts 9:36-43.  Ottery St Mary Parish Church, 11.15am.  See you there!

Tomorrow’s Bible Study: Saul’s road to Damascus, Acts 9

A zealous Pharisee, Saul of Tarsus, looked after the cloaks of those who stoned Stephen. Shortly afterwards, he was journeying to Damascus to find and persecute other Christians when Jesus appeared to him from heaven, and Saul was converted to Christianity.  Jesus changed Saul’s name to Paul, and he became known as the apostle Paul.  Jesus expressly told Paul that he would become a missionary to the Gentiles. Shortly after that, the apostle Peter had a vision in which the Lord told him that the message of the Gospel was to be taken to the Gentiles as well.  This marked a transition in the nature of the Church because, up until this time, the message has been circulated exclusively to Jews.

Tomorrow’s a fourth Sunday in the month, so no morning Explore meeting, but instead an afternoon Bible Study at Colin and Annette’s.  Jenny leads us looking at Saul’s road to Damascus, told in Acts 9.  Bring some cake and join us from 4.30-6pm.  Children can come.

Explore tomorrow: The Persecuted Church

Stephen, one of the early preachers, was arrested by the Jewish leaders for preaching about Jesus. When he did not recant his message but pressed it further, the Jews stoned him to death on the spot, making Stephen the first Christian martyr. This incident kicked off a round of persecution against new Christians that was so severe, many of them fled Jerusalem for their very lives.  As they did, they took the message of the Gospel with them to the surrounding provinces of Judea and Samaria.

Tomorrow in Explore we come face to face with persecution that Christians face in many countries, and how God redeems it.  11.15am, Ottery St Mary Parish Church.

Tomorrow at Explore: Pentecost

Although tomorrow’s Explore service has been advertised as a Communion service, we will not be having Communion after all.  It is a third Sunday in the month, so we will still have a Bring and Share Lunch after the service, for all who can stay for it.

Shortly after Jesus’ ascension, on the Jewish feast day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came upon his disciples. While they were gathered in a house, a sound like a violent rushing wind filled the place and flames of fire rest on each disciple, and they were filled with the Holy Spirit. They began speaking in different foreign languages, with the result that many of the Jews from different parts of the world heard them speak in their own language. This and other notable miracles took place as the number of converts to Christianity increased rapidly in Jerusalem.

How does this link with the Old Testament covenant and festivals?  Tomorrow at Explore, Colin and Annette lead us through the roles of the Spirit and the Church.  There’ll be the opportunity to ask God for more.  The Tindals will share some stories of their work in recent weeks with young mothers in Kenya.  11.15am, Ottery St Mary Parish Church.

Tomorrow at Explore: Jesus ascends to heaven

The birthplace of the Church is Jerusalem.  After His death, burial, and resurrection, Jesus instructed His disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they receive the power of the Holy Spirit and then to be witnesses to Him in Jerusalem (their city), Judea and Samaria (the surrounding provinces), and the remotest part of the earth (the rest of the world). Then Jesus ascended into heaven right before their eyes.

In Explore tomorrow, Fiona Rimmer takes us to the next significant step in the Bible Timeline.   11.15am, Ottery St Mary Parish Church.  There will be no separate children’s meetings in this service, but it will be planned with all ages in mind.