The Great Flood

Two people who came to yesterday’s Explore Bible Study about The Great Flood have individually come back to let us know they went home and studied the passages further!

We considered that the ark was a type of Jesus.


And just like it says that God was pleased by Noah and his obedience, we too want to know we please God, not living to try to please him and become accepted (living ‘for’ the Cross) but living from a place where we are loved and accepted by God (living ‘from’ the Cross).

Here are some notes Lynn made of her studies following our conversations:   Continue reading “The Great Flood”

Flood: Judgment for sin

Flood:  Judgment for sin (Genesis 6 – 10)

Over the next several hundred years, as man multiplies in numbers, so his tendency to sin multiplies, until a time comes when God can find only eight people who are willing to live in a righteous relationship with Him:  Noah, his wife, his three sons, and their wives.  So, in judgment for sin, God performs surgery on the human race, cutting out the cancerous tissue, as it were, and leaving behind the healthy tissue to restore itself.  He does this by sending a worldwide flood which destroys mankind, except for Noah and his family, who are saved in Noah’s ark.


Taken from 30 Days to Understand the Bible by Max Anders.

Fall: Sin entered The World

Fall:  Sin entered The World (Genesis 3)

Satan, appearing in the form of a serpent, lures Adam and Eve into rebelling against God and violating the one prohibition God had given them: Not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  They are driven out of the Garden of Eden, and a curse is placed on the earth.  When Adam and Eve rebel, sin enters the world.  All the pain, all the evil, all the suffering endured by mankind for all time can be traced to that one act, which is, therefore, appropriately called the ‘fall’ of man.


Taken from 30 Days to Understand the Bible by Max Anders.

Creation: Man created in the image of God

Creation: Man created in the image of God (Genesis 1 -2 )

After a dramatic display of power in creating the heavens and the earth, God creates man.  Adam and Eve are created in the image of God, in perfect fellowship and harmony with Him.  Living in an idyllic setting in the Garden of Eden, they are individuals of beauty and high intelligence.  The ‘image’ is not a physical likeness, but a personal and spiritual likeness.  Man has intellect, emotion, and will.  He has a moral sense of right and wrong.  He is a creative being.  These are some characteristics of God that are shared by man, and in this sense, man is created in the image of God.



Taken from 30 Days to Understand the Bible by Max Anders.

The Bible Timeline


We’re starting 2016 looking at the Bible, and how everything fits together in it.  It’s a library of different genres of books and they don’t all follow chronologically.  What is the order of different events, what happened at the same time as what other thing, and what was the significance of this one event in relation to the whole story?

We’ll be piecing the pieces together to see the whole story!

Today Leisa talked about Creation, and next Sunday (17th) we will be looking at the first sin with Annette.  Steve will lead us in communion and we’ll have one of our regular and popular bring and share lunches after.