Testing the Voice of God Part 2

Historically, Christians have distinguished the voice of God from three other voice-types:

  • The world, including advertising, media, educational and political systems.
  • The flesh, also known as the ‘sinful nature’, the dark side of our own mind, will and emotions.
  • The devil;  oppressive or seductive messages from the kingdom of darkness.

In addition, I would add a fourth category:   Continue reading “Testing the Voice of God Part 2”

Testing the Voice of God Part 1

Here are some Scriptures about testing what might be a message from God.

My dear friends, many false prophets have gone out into the world. So do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see if they are from God. This is how you can know God’s Spirit: Every spirit who confesses that Jesus Christ came to earth as a human is from God. And every spirit who refuses to say this about Jesus is not from God. It is the spirit of the enemy of Christ, which you have heard is coming, and now he is already in the world.  1 John 4 vv 1-3  Continue reading “Testing the Voice of God Part 1”

Risk and cost

… The lesson I learned was that listening to God and believing what He says can be risky and costly to others.  But so can not listening to Him and not believing Him…

… God does not condemn our lurching efforts in learning to listen.  He does correct, and sometimes He rebukes, but then He always returns with a bold promise.  Foibles will come either way, and a learning curve is OK.  So let’s get on with the learning!

Brad-Jersak-Can-you-hear-me-201x300Can You Hear Me?  Brad Jersak  Chapter 3.

God Doesn’t Speak To Me

At Explore we are following Brad Jersak’s book ‘Can You Hear Me?  The Spirit of Christ is speaking.  His voice is constant and clear.

But the good news gets even better.  You can already hear Him well and often.

You’ll find that regardless of your previous assumptions, you will be ‘proven guilty’ of hearing God, whether you identify yourself as a Christian right now or not. Continue reading “God Doesn’t Speak To Me”