My Sheep Hear My Voice

Jesus says His sheep follow Him because they know His voice.  See John 10:2-5, 14-15.

“Note that Jesus did not say, ‘My prophets hear my voice.’ He didn’t say, ‘My pastors hear my voice.’ And he did not say, ‘Only the spiritual people hear my voice.’ But rather, ‘My sheep hear my voice.’ According to Jesus, his voice is not reserved for the spiritually elite, the priest, or the guru. Any ‘sheep’ can hear his call. That means you can hear it too!”

Brad Jersak, Can You Hear Me?  Page 20 Continue reading “My Sheep Hear My Voice”

Can You Hear Me?

Here’s Brad Jersak, author of the book Can You Hear Me? that we are following during September, October and November, giving a brief 3-minute introduction to the topic.


Can You Hear Me?

The series that we will be following during September, October and November will be structured around this book by Brad Jersak.  Cover of the book 'Can You Hear Me?' by Brad Jersak.

It’s not necessary to have a copy of the book, but if you’d enjoy reading along as we can go, it’s a great book and we can get you a copy for £12.

The first Sundays will be 5, 12 and 19 September, 11.15am at the Parish Church, Ottery St Mary.

Can You Hear Me?

Yes We Can!

Our new series starts on Sunday.

Half of the UK population say that they believe in God.
Many go further and say that they have a personal relationship with God.
But what does that mean in everyday, practical life?
How do you relate to an invisible God?
This series will help us grow in our relationship with God and will bring an eye-opening delightful realisation that you are already hearing God’s voice, and you do so very well!
By the end of the series you will be able to say,
‘I can hear God’s voice daily if I choose to!’